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WhyI coach

I enjoy helping others succeed at what they want to achieve and more, especially when they thought it was not possible or beyond their ability.

If it’s reaching new athletic heights or recovering from a past injury, we will get there together with hard work, consistency and determination.

Coaching is not a set time during the day or period in a month. It’s constantly being there for when your athletes need you.

Assisting you in achieving your goals in a safe, efficient and progressive way that gets you to where you want to be is the joy and thrill of coaching.


Alex and Dean
  • "What are good core exercices for tennis players?"

  • "What should I do in the gym to become stronger?"

  • "What should I do in the gym to become stronger?"

If you are a coach, parent or athlete, here are your top most asked questions for better tennis performance...


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About me

With over twenty-five years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Dean has established himself as a highly regarded author, speaker, fitness and performance consultant. He is the only strength and conditioning coach in Canada to be certified as a Master Tennis Performance Specialist by the International Tennis Performance Association. Dean is also a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Speed and Agility Coach. He is currently the Director of fitness and sports performance at Club Sportif Cote-de- Liesse, in Montreal.




With his extensive expertise and experience, Dean has been invited to lecture at various conferences about speed and agility, training and more. His passion transcends into the knowledge he shares with participants. Throughout his lectures, Dean loves to expand on his training philosophy and approach to help others move forward.

Speed & Agility

Speed and agility are two important components for improved athletic performance. Increasing one’s speed and agility requires more than just running, jumping or moving through drills. It involves the development of specific skill sets that enable an athlete to perform the drills optimally. Only then will speed and agility become a dominant force in your athletic ability.

Athletic & Sports Performance

My sports training philosophy is to provide the most effective, up-to-date training methods with the necessary motivation needed to generate great results. I am committed to changing the lives of young athletes and being a positive influence.

My philosophy extends to different fields of expertise that I provide for the athletes I train:

  • Testing (FMS, muscle testing, speed and more)
  • Dynamic warm-up and preparation
  • Speed and agility
  • Strength training
  • Power and plyometrics
  • Core training
  • Joint integrity
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Recovery and regeneration

What to practice?

Here are some examples



Julien - Tennis Under 18 - 2008-

Since I've been working with Dean, my speed, agility and method of training have greatly improved. He has been my personal trainer for more than 2 years now, and I honestly think he's the reason for my success. Dean will push you to your absolute limit, and you realize, in the end, that it's all worth it since you get the results you wanted. As you get to know Dean, you notice his great passion for fitness. I can also say that he takes his job very seriously and with this dedication you will see significant improvement in your wellness. He really takes the time to answer every one of your questions and is prepared to do extra work to make you successful. Thanks to him I feel a lot stronger and much more prepared for adversity. Finally, It has been a lot of fun working with him and I wish everybody could get the chance to train with Dean.

Stephanie - Arkansas Tennis - 2006-2009

I started to train with Dean Hollingworth when I was 17 years old and within a year I gained 10 pounds of muscles. He kept adapting my program based on my improvements. We were working on my core, my strength and my speed. At the end of the first year, I was not only more powerful, fast and agile but I was injury free. All of my trainers were really impressed how my muscles protecting my ACl were stronger than all the other pro tennis players they have worked with. In addition to Dean's incredible knowledge, he has a work ethic like no other. We worked so hard during every single training while having good laughs in between exercises. I enjoyed so much my experience with this excellent physical coach that I will never forget it.

Phillip, Tennis player Under 16, 2009-

Ever since I started working with Dean 2 years ago, my fitness levels have not stopped improving. I have become a lot faster thanks to Dean, who places a lot of importance on my running technique. I have gradually felt stronger, less tired and faster on the tennis court, and consequently, I have won a lot more matches. The fun thing is that whenever a specific exercise becomes too easy, Dean will always find a way to make it more challenging, or swap it for a more difficult drill. Thanks to this, I went from being an averagely fit tennis player to winning the reputation of being one of the fittest guys in my age bracket, and my ranking has skyrocketed! We still have a lot to work on though...Thanks a lot Dean!

Patrick & Sara - Parents - 2009-

Being parents of three competitive athletes requires patience and an ability to find good support for your sports youths. Our three children compete at provincial or national level in three very different sports; Figure skating, Tennis and Rugby. Dean has taken the time to understand the sport and create individual programs for all three athletes. As they mature and gain the skills that are required he never stops pushing them. A part of the challenge is that the programs must take into consideration the natural development of the body. Dean adapts the programs to match what their bodies are able to while avoiding injuries and impacting their health in the future. A hard task master with the patience of a saint, Dean is the perfect recipe for helping young athletes in all disciplines to reach their full potential.

Christine - Parent - 2007-

Dean entraîne Mickael depuis près de quatre ans et son programme de conditionnement fait partie intégrante de l'entraînement quotidien de tennis (3 heures par jour). Dean a permis à Mickael de surmonter de nombreuses blessures et d'accomplir d'excellents résultats en compétitions. J'apprécie son professionnalisme, son assiduité aux entraînements et de toujours avoir les mots justes pour faire sortir le maximum de mon « ado ».

Thanks Dean for all your patience with Mick !

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