Over the numerous years I have been working as a sports performance coach, I have been asked various questions about how to increase athletic performance. A significant number of the athletes I have been working with are tennis players. This has ranged from the recreational player, to the junior athlete and to the professional tour player. What became evident is that whether they were coaches, parents or athletes, almost everyone has the same questions for better on-court performance. For example:

"How do I become more explosive?"

"What are good core exercices for tennis players?"

"What should I do in the gym to become stronger?"

"How do I become a better mover on court?"

If you are a coach, parent or athlete, here are your top most asked questions for better tennis performance...


Alex and Dean

Baselinepower series

59,99$ US

Why Baselinepower?

These videos were created to assist coaches, parents and athletes in taking the right path towards better tennis performance. Today, there is a wealth of information available out there, but how do you know what is effective or not? My many years of experience with athletes of all levels have allowed me to develop a training philosophy that have proven to produce results at all levels. Too often I have seen training programs that actually hinder the athlete because they are not founded on sound progressive principals. Baselinepower will provide parents and coaches a better understanding of what is essential for their athletes. These videos will assist you in providing high quality training. Athletes will be able to see what effective movement looks like and how to progress. These videos are the answer to all your fitness questions for better tennis performance.

These videos contain:

Multiple drills for better court movement

How to cue drills and exercises effectively for better performance

Sample training programs

Effective and safe core training

How to strengthen the rotator cuff

Stretching effectively for better recovery and injury prevention

And much more


Jonny Fraser, MSc, CSCS, MTPS

Owner of Science in Tennis

“Dean is a leader in physical training for tennis players. His knowledge and scientific underpinning of the sport will help develop any tennis players through his effective programming. I can’t recommend enough, anyone involved in tennis should take this opportunity to access the quality video series produced by Dean.”


Collegiate tennis player University of Montreal

"As a high performance tennis player, I’ve been working with Dean Hollingworth for almost 10 years, and his professionalism has never ceased to impress me. His meticulous and rigorous methods of training have brought my game to whole new level. However, Dean’s superior knowledge in tennis-oriented training is truly what makes him a unique trainer. In fact, he constantly stays informed with the latest developments in the industry, all while remaining focused on the fundamentals. These highly insightful videos are a true testament to the passion and dedication he expresses toward high performance tennis training. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a devoted professional."

Dominic King

Master Tennis Performance Specialist Strength & Conditioning Coach

“I rate Dean as one of the top tennis-specific strength and conditioning coaches in the world. He has become a good friend and colleague over the years and I have been fortunate enough to witness first hand how his approach is based on doing the basics, the fundamentals, unbelievably well, stressing the importance of form and technique above all else and then progressing as appropriate. This approach lays a solid foundation for developmental athletes from which to build and it is also what keeps the professional player performing to the best of their ability. This video series is full of rock-solid information presented in an extremely accessible way. It is an absolute must-have for all those involved in Tennis-specific Strength & Conditioning and Athletic Preparation.”

Anne-Sophie Courteau

Collegiate tennis player, West Virginia University

“I first started working with Dean in search of improving my on-court speed and agility. As we started working together, I quickly realized that my speed and agility relied on many other factors such as core, balance, and strength. Dean worked with me and formed programs for me that incorporated all these aspects. I felt many improvements already going into my second and third week of his training programs. And now after all the work, my on-court speed and agility went from being the lagging strand of my game into one of my strongest aspects. My speed, explosiveness, endurance, balance, and overall strength have risen greatly. This has allowed me to add power, speed, stability, and confidence to my game, which has lead me to my best results in competitions. I believe that Dean’s knowledge and dedication to his students’ improvements can enhance anyone’s game to the fullest.”

Trevor McPherson

Director of High Performance Fitness at Magnus Worked with ATP, WTA, NBA and Olympic athletes

“Dean and I met a few years ago while speaking at a conference together. He shows more enthusiasm to both honing (and owning) his craft, collaborating with the best in sports medicine and physiology, and developing his coaching style in a way that only the best in the business possess. You will find few professionals with the type of work ethic and enthusiasm he comes at you with every day. He will always be looking for ways to get his athletes and the people around him better. He knows what it means to be both a leader of his club in Canada, as well as a leader in the industry. Dean Hollingworth encompasses everything someone would want in a coach, and it is a rare opportunity for an individual to not only become a better athlete, but also a better person.”

Cat watching
The crew
Franky box
Remus stretch

Baselinepower series

59,99$ US

P.J. Simmons

Founder, The Tennis Congress

“This inspiring video series from world-class fitness expert Dean Hollingworth empowers players with clear, practical recommendations on how to train smarter for better results. Grounded in the latest sport-specific science, Dean explains why specific exercises matter and gives crystal-clear guidance on how to execute movements like a pro. A must-watch for serious tennis athletes of all ages!”

Lloyd Prizant

Owner of Club Sportif Cote-de-Liesse

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dean for over 20 years. Dean is the consummate professional who is always striving to raise the bar for his clients and for himself. He is a credit to the fitness profession and is an inspiration to many. I am also proud to have developed a personal relationship with Dean through our work together and his core values, beliefs and commitment in his professional life are duplicated in his personal life.”   

Daniel Bernier

Tennis parent

“Dean has been my son’s fitness coach over the last 4 years. I have seen a huge progress in my son’s overall physical condition. Dean takes a global approach while personalizing the athlete’s fitness needs. The results clearly show on the tennis court. I see strength, flexibility, fluidity in his moves and speed. It is quite an asset to have such a high calibre fitness coach in our club!”

Dindi Hebhang

Tennis parent

“Baselinepower is the solution to better your power, explosion, quickness and balance.
On behalf of Alexandru Hebhang Balan (#2 ranked 10 and under in Canada) and Remus Hebhang Balan (top 10 in Quebec boys 18 and under), we want to thank you for making us better tennis players and athletes.”